Repair & Rebuild
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Pillow Blowing Line
FCC 310 36"
48" 8 Bar Picker
Camel Back Lapper
Pillow Stuffer
2 Bag Filter
Small Trim Picker
Bale Press

Repair & Rebuild

DTM maintains a large inventory of used machinery. Call with your specific needs. We may already have it rebuilt and ready for delivery, if not we will rebuild it for you or sell it as is.

Most of our Rebuilt Equipment carries a 1-Year Warranty.


Inventory list

Examples of Equipment we keep on Hand

Our Warehouse


  • Complete Pillow Blowing Lines
  • Feeders
  • Openers
  • Pickers
  • Garnetts
  • Cross Lappers
  • Fans
  • Filter Houses
  • Pillow Stuffers
  • Wind-ups


If you don't see what you need Call 704-739-2121




(2) Bale Presses 48" 8 bar Picker (2) small Trim pickers Horizontal Pickers
36" FCC 310 Camel Back Lapper D-106 Fans
42" DTM VWO Pillow Stuffer FCC Type - 99 Complete 2 nozzle Pillow systems
K12 Air Lay Rotary Chopper FCC Feeders Conveyors
Blenders Weigh pans Control Panels