Bale Breaker
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DTM Bale-Breaker Feeder

When feasible, feeders can be equipped with Bale-Breakers. This attachment greatly reduces the labor required to keep the feeder full. Whole bales can be loaded and are automatically broken up and delivered to the feeder. Call today to see if this fits into your application.



Balebreaker Feeder w/ roller station


Bale Breaker Specifications

  • 60 Wide (id) x 32 Long (with roller section)

  • 3-Beater Breaker Section

  •  Production: 1500-2000 lb/hr @1 -3 polyester

  • 1800-2400 lb/hr @1 -3 fiberglass

  •  Storage: 3 6 bales (more storage available)

  •  Optional lift gate feed end

  •  Optional enclosed rear section

  •  Optional inclined rear section

  •  Optional saw-tooth beater rolls


A Look Inside

the Balebreaker section

Sketch of inside Balebreaker

Sketch of Inside

Balebreakers can be configured many different ways. Call us with you needs and let us help you design a system to meet your needs.